What We’re Doing Now

We welcome you to navigate our site and see a small sample of the traditional archery world…

“The Traditional Bowman is committed to quality and staying within the lines of tradition but with added  personal creativity and our primary focus is Safety, Beauty, and Performance which is the very essence of Quality”

This is a work in progress and will be evolving into additional products and information pertaining to concepts of traditional bow making, examples from history and what is happening currently.

Be sure to look for our upcoming blog and forum as we will be announcing that very soon.

Shown below are an assembly of images designed to give you an idea of what we are doing and that this is an active and progressive bowyer striving to maintain the traditions in archery and the love and respect of the bow and arrow making and shooting. We will frequently add more images of the things happening and some video stream as well…

Like I said sticking to traditions with personal twists here and there….

The focus of The Traditional Bowman..is Tradition and maintaining archery in its more pure and natural form.

BOW TILLERINGTillering the Bow..

The once simple stick of wood reveals its magnificence  as it is tested on the tiller stick for limb capacity in bend and symmetry. This is where the beauty occurs when man and material create purpose…. So Much more to this stick of wood than anyone can see or feel until it becomes a bow by the bowyers hand.

However tillering is a bit a of a battle…like humans each stave has its own nature and like a parent to the child molding the stave on its personal journey..requires a patient mentality and the willingness to follow nature when needed and be a bit persuasive and bend a few rules. It’s not learned overnight.





Photos below: Longbows and recurves midway in their journey ..some make it..some don’t. For our purposes all bows go through militant, strict expectations before being considered for the market to be sold. Safety and quality in performance are first priority.


The stages of longbows and recurves…as it happens


Longbow group2

Handles in process..major important bow feature…both function and beauty.

All handles are hand-carved to palm  fit form…Well I have assistance with the sander and yes I have used rasps to form the handle on dozens of bows. However the sander makes this much more practical. The design is simple, beautiful and allows a natural molded fit to your hand right or left.

20150711_132418 20150711_132426 20150711_132435


The Lineup…… Bows in process ..each one on its own journey to completion.


Yes Recurves too…Here a steamed limb on a hickory stave , rasped and knifed  now on its way to becoming a recurve bow.

Bending Recurve Limb02

Limb is steamed for about 3 or 4 hours then clamped to this jig for bending…

Bending Recurve Limb01

The beauty of the recurve..always admired



Transformation….the results of a journey with wood and bowyer…

English Longbows (2)



Every bow is unique in terms of traditional bow making. No one exactly alike. Every stave has its own journey to becoming a bow.  It’s very own nature and you must obey nature or fail…learn the way and follow the rules.You are the wielder of the knife….by your hand is either Success or disaster..I have manged to perform both many times.

In the short video below I am knifing down a northern white ash stave that’s now the bow featured on the top of the page in the  ” About Us” section.


Rasping LongBow1

Rasping has the final say in shaping any bow…It’s a lot of work but after your knifing down the stave the rasp takes over..


You can’t get away from the rasp…it will eventually dominate the bowmaking process!



mike 72 Longbow0001

You gotta test your stuff…

Then it becomes worthy of carving the form fitted handle..being backed…and finished to a piece of highly functional art..



The Natural Beauty…natural camo – Diamondback Rattlesnake skin…




Arrows Anyone??






Arrows are all hand-painted



prep for fletching


Natural Bared Turkey Feathers…Cedar Hunting arrows