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Solid Hickory 70-inch Longbow With Artificial Snakeskin and 12 Arrows

Solid Hickory 70″ Longbow with fiberglass mesh backing and artificial diamondback snakeskin cover. Hand-painted , canvas wrapped and carved handle. 50lbs draw wt @ 28". Very strong bow. Very fast and accurate. Can hunt with it. Comes with 1 dozen hand painted port orford cedar field point arrows. I tillered this bow to pull even past the suggested 28". Just be careful.

Package Includes:

  • Solid Hickory 70-inch Longbow With Artificial Diamondback Snakeskin Cover (50 lbs draw at 28-inches)
  • 12 matching arrows (made of port orford cedar) with field point tips

Price: $299.95

+ Shipping: $15

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