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Python Snakeskin Covered Red Oak 68-inch Longbow and 12 Arrows

A very smooth easy pulling longbow. Shoots very straight and handles very nice. I don’t recommend going past the 27″ as it tillered out very well at 27″ max. I do go eccentric but its good to keep it no more then 27″. Very good quality bow. A fiberglass skin under artificial python snakeskin. Nice finish and canvass wrapped handle that fits real good. Along with this bow comes 27″ cedar port orford arrows with 100grn field points. Nice arrows. Straight and shoot true.

I really do focus on selling only quality products. Thanks for looking at my bow set.

Package Includes:

  • Red Oak 68-inch Longbow (draw: 45 lbs at 27 inches)
  • 12 matching arrows (made of port orford cedar and black- and gold-painted) with field point tips

Price: $299.95

+ Shipping: $15

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