66″ Hickory Longbow 45lb@28″ Diamondback Rattlesnakeskin W/dzn arrows

$699.95 $599.95

For sale is a 66″ Longbow hewn from a premium hickory stave with all growth rings intact and tillered to a 45lb draw @ 28 inches. The bow has been tested and shoots with excellent power, speed and quite accurate.

There is diamondback rattlesnake skin backing adhesive to the back of the bow. Snakeskin is not as fragile as one would or quite durable.The bow performs very well and shows no sign of surface lifting on the back of the bow.

The handle is carved and shaped to fit your palm and laminated walnut and works for either hand. The bow can definitely take down relatively large game so its very capable of doing the job for hunting.

There is one dozen very good quality port orford cedar arrows to come with the bow. They are not cheap arrows from a flea market..they are professionally fletched and nocked in my shop.

NOTE: As with any typical self bow there is a fast limb and a slow limb although tillering has been done to maximize the relationship in limb symmetry. Please be sure that right or left hand that the fast limb (more bend) is up and the firmer limb is below.
Thank you to look at my bow auction.
I also customized bows to your draw wt and color. It’s almost time for Christmas so maybe the traditional archer in your family might enjoy this as a gift..?



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