66″ Hickory Recurve Bow 50lb@28 Real Cobra Snakeskin w/1 Dozen Arrows

$599.95 $499.95



This beautiful recurve bow is cut out of a true hickory stave with all growth rings non-violated. It is carefully tillered to all specifications mentioned.

At 66″ actual length it has a 50 plus pound draw weight at 28 ” or around 45 lb plus at 27″.¬† Very fast, powerful bow. Capable of use for hunting. Real Cobra snakeskin backing and hand painted, and hand carved form fitted¬† handle and can be used for left ot right handed shooters. This is a bow set and with the set is 12 Port orford cedar arrows 30″ with field points and real natural barred turkey feathers.

NOTE: Hunting points will add another $20 to the set in total.

This is a completely handcrafted bow with all elements being from good ol’ USA…

Any issues that are with this bow and its ability to function contact us immediately!

Thank you yo look through our bow selection! We hope to be able satisfy the traditional archer with utmost quality of merchandise and service!

NOTE: The Bow in photo is now SOLD! I do make these to order and can take about 2weeks from order date.


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