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Ivory Snakeskin Covered 68-inch Hickory English Longbow and 12 Arrows

This is a traditional handcrafted 68″ Hunting longbow made of solid hickory (Premium) backed first with fiberglass mesh and real ivory snakeskin hide adhesive down to the bow. Hand-painted design. The draw is up to 55 lbs at 28 inches. This is a very powerful bow and can be used to hunt relatively large game. It’s very fast and accurate. With the bow comes one dozen hand-painted port orford cedar arrows spined for 45-55 lb. with field points. The arrows are high quality and they shoot straight and true.

The bow has tested out perfect in performance. Take care of this bow and it will last a long time. Thank you for taking a look at this piece of art!

Package Includes:

  • Ivory Snakeskin Covered 68-inch Hickory English Longbow (draw: 55 lbs at 28 inches)
  • 12 matching 30-inch, port orford cedar, ivory-painted arrows with field point tips

Price: $299.95

+ Shipping: $15

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